Your Babysitter

About Your Babysitter


Your Babysitter Pty Ltd commenced in 2006 with the vision of Director, Reagan Scott, to offer Parents and their family communities, together with Babysitters and Nannies, access to a powerful and  convenient  database resource, providing an efficient and economical introduction  network for childcare and babysitter services. The Your Babysitter interactive database management system enables Parents to locate and personally select suitable Babysitters or Nannies to care for their children. Babysitters and Nannies also have the facility to search for suitable families and locations to apply for advertised positions. 

Reagan has been studying and working in the Childcare Industry for 8 years and identified the requirement for a professional secure resource database for all persons which allows for on-going family/carer relationships without the continuing costs and hassles of agency fees and third party contacts and arrangements.

Parents are able to experience the Your Babysitter search by using a "free trial"  offer which is sorted by post code of the babysitters or Nannies. You will not be able to contact them at this point but will be able to preview the style of information available in the different searches.


As a Parent you remain a member and have access to the resources of Your Babysitter for the currency of your subscription, whereas the Babysitters and Nannies retain their access for as long as they choose.

All persons using the Your Babysitter service are required to register and provide their personal details which are maintained on our secure server. The individual "Home Pages" are maintained by the Parent or Babysitter and it is obviously in their own interests to keep the information and details current. 

Your Babysitter advises you take great care in the selection process, whether you are a Parent, Babysitter or Nanny and recommend you ensure the usual personal safeguard actions you are familiar with. Your Babysitter offers some assistance in these matters in the "Helpfull Hints" section and would appreciate feedback of any other points of interest that may assist your fellow families.

Your Babysitter is also about a "quality of life" so by successfully using the resources and services provided we hope you can all enjoy that quality and more of the lives of our children.

You are all welcome to participate in the progress of Your Babysitter and we encourage you to contact us and share your needs and suggestions